Arc Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet

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Ferrite Arc Magnet

Ferrite magnets are fabricated by calcining the mixture of Barium carbonate (BaCO3) or Strontium carbonate (SrCO3) and iron oxide (Fe2O3) to form a metallic oxide. Almost all of ferrite arc magnet is used in motor applications. As the core component of the permanent magnet direct current (DC) motor, ferrite arc magnet is commonly used in the motors of household electrical appliance, automotive, and power tools. Ferrite magnets have excellent temperature stability which can be utilized up to 250 degrees Celsius besides superior corrosion resistance.

Arc Ferrite magnetArc ferrite magnet

DC motor magnet



GsmTOe kA/mOekA/mMGOeKJ/m3
JM55B4200± 100420±103300±200263±163350±200267±164.2±0.233.4±1.6





Application Fields

(1)It is used for production of various permanent magnet DC motors, such as window motor, air-condition motor, starter motor, chair drive motor and wiper motor. It is also used to produce starter motor and lamp motor of motorbikes, and other DC motors of boats.

(2)It is used for production of Sport Instruments, such as gym instrument motors.

(3)It is also used to produce other DC Motors for electro-tools and household electric appliances.






(1)With over 29 years of experience in producing Ferrite Magnet.

(2) From raw material of iron oxide and srontium carbonate to the finished products, superior production techniques enable us to control all the details and ensure high quality. We have 36 milling machine, 112 presses, 6 electric kilns, and 32 mills to ensure on-time delivery.

(3)Jingang has already passed such quality certifications as ISO9002、QS9000、VDA6.1、TS16949、ISO14001.

Arc ferrite magnetArc ferrite magnetArc ferrite magnetArc ferrite magnetArc ferrite magnet