iman ceramico

Iman Ceramico 

Customized High performance ferrite magnet is very economical magnet which can used for automotive sensor,motor,speaker and micro motor. One deluxe car shall have 20–30 different place which need use magnet.

Grade: Y25 Y30 Y30BH Y35 etc.

Type: Sintered

Size: Customized

Magnetization Direction: Axial or Diametrical



The ferrite magnets from us are made with strontium carbonate and barium carbonate in proportion. After initial pre-sintering, large particles are filtered out, then finely pulverized, ball milled, pressed into shape, and fired at high temperature again…..

A customized High-performance ferrite magnet is a very economical magnet that can be used for automotive sensors, motors, speakers, and micro motors. One deluxe car shall have 20–30 different places which need to be used magnet. We are a professional manufacturer of ferrite magnets and Stator for motors for more than 30 years.

Material: Sro,SrCO₃

Grade: Y25 Y30 Y30BH Y35 etc.

Type: Hard type

Size: Customized 



GsmTOe kA/mOekA/mMGOeKJ/m3
JM55B4200± 100420±103300±200263±163350±200267±164.2±0.233.4±1.6





(1)With over 29 years of experience in producing Ferrite Magnet.

(2) From raw material of iron oxide and srontium carbonate to the finished products, superior production techniques enable us to control all the details and ensure high quality. We have 36 milling machine, 112 presses, 6 electric kilns, and 32 mills to ensure on-time delivery.

(3)Jingang has already passed such quality certifications as ISO9002、QS9000、VDA6.1、TS16949、ISO14001.



What is the application of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets are used in, for example: speakers, toys, motors, reed contacts, microwaves and industrial magnet systems such as filters and handling systems.

Ferrite magnets are popular because of their stability, affordable price and short delivery time. In addition, they have excellent magnetic properties.

Does your product require a magnet which tolerates high operating temperatures up to 300 °C, while maintaining magnetic force? Then choose permanent ferrite magnets.

In addition to the high operating temperature, these magnets have excellent resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation. Applying a coating of epoxy, for example, ensures clean, dust-free magnets.