Ai Xueping, Vice Chairman of the 12th and 13th Executive Committees of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Components Co., Ltd., and Director of Jiangsu Meijia Motor Co., Ltd., has been in Zhenjiang for many years. His philosophy is rooted in the principles of humaneness and trustworthiness in both personal and business aspects. He believes that engaging in enterprises, developing products, and exploring markets fundamentally involves cultivating one’s character.

Established in 1991, Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Components Co., Ltd. currently occupies over 40,000 square meters, with 12 production lines equipped with advanced manufacturing machinery and specialized testing instruments. The company produces 10,000 tons of magnets annually, making it one of the largest enterprises specializing in high-end tile-shaped magnets in China.

In 2003, the company decided to diversify its product range. After comprehensive research, it collaborated with the American company Anaheim to establish the only company in China producing kitchen food waste disposers, namely Jiangsu Meijia Motor Co., Ltd. The company established a research and development institution, constructed a new factory covering more than 2,000 square meters, acquired over 10 testing and manufacturing equipment, and injected an additional capital of 12 million RMB. Ai Xueping, along with the technical team, dedicated nearly 100 days to tackling various challenges. The company successfully produced 250,000 sets of waste disposers, which were exported to the United States. Subsequently, they continued to strengthen research and development, improve product quality, and obtain certifications from both the United States U and China CQC. Currently, the company produces 2 million waste disposers annually, with sales points reaching over 30 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong.

Mr. Ai also established Jiangsu Mega Motor Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu World Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., expanding product offerings from a singular focus on magnetic materials to include kitchen waste disposers, treadmills, motors, and complete elevator systems. Today, they have successfully built a standardized Mega Industrial Park. In 2018, a subsidiary was established in Cambodia, specializing in exporting products, paving the way for innovative development in private enterprises.

“Business success must be complemented by a pursuit of spiritual life and personal refinement.” Adhering to this responsibility, Mr. Ai focuses on guiding the healthy development of the Chamber of Commerce. Established in December 2009, the Zhenjiang Anhui Chamber of Commerce has grown from a few dozen members to over 200, becoming one of the most influential chambers of commerce in the city. Emphasizing practical actions, the Chamber leverages platforms such as the People’s Mediation Committee, Heart-to-Heart Lawyers’ Workstation, Taxpayer’s Home, and Police-Enterprise Coordination Demonstration Point. These platforms promptly extend assistance to member enterprises facing difficulties or encountering complex issues in their operations, while also facilitating emotional connection, cooperation, business opportunity sharing, and mutual assistance among member enterprises.

The Chamber also remains committed to the “double attraction” service strategy, organizing investment promotion forums to gather and organize information on industrial upgrades, investment promotion, and other aspects from various regions. It provides comprehensive support to members, serving as a crucial pillar for members in market development, external expansion, business cooperation, and more. It acts as a catalyst for promoting economic and trade exchanges between Jiangsu and Anhui.