Multipole ring magnet

1. Dimensions: According to your requiremen

2.Grade: FB6~FB12 grade material,

3. Poles: 2poles/4poles/6poles/8poles/12poles…48poles/64poles

4.Magnetic performance: 1500~2400GS

5.Magnetized: Diametrical,Width,Thickness

6.Advantage: Extreme resistance to demagnetization and complex shapes possible.



Multipole Ring Magnets are specialized magnets that feature multiple poles arranged in a circular fashion. These magnets are used in a variety of applications, such as motors, actuators, sensors, and more. They are also used to create a strong magnetic field in a localized area.

6-poles ring magnet

We developed 6-poles ring magnet for European dishwasher customers, which can pass the hot and cold water stress test of 4 months. We are the only one in China who can successfully develop this product  。 Customers:BSH; Start development in 2014, and mass production in 2016.







(1)With over 30 years of experience in producing Ferrite Magnet.

(2) From raw material of iron oxide and srontium carbonate to the finished products, superior production techniques enable us to control all the details and ensure high quality. We have 36 milling machine, 112 presses, 6 electric kilns, and 32 mills to ensure on-time delivery.

(3)Jingang has already passed such quality certifications as ISO9002、QS9000、VDA6.1、TS16949、ISO14001.

The advantages of Multipole Ring Magnets are that they are powerful magnets that provide a strong, localized magnetic field. They are also easy to install and require little maintenance. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of magnets.



Multipole Ring Magnets are used in a variety of applications such as motors, actuators, sensors, and more.

They are also used for creating strong magnetic fields in localized areas, for purposes such as magnetizing objects or providing a sensing field.