Introduction for Jingang


Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Element Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a company who specializes in producing and selling motor-use parts including ferrite magnets, various stator shells and components. Currently Jingang has the capacity of producing 15,000 tons of ferrite magnets and 20 million pieces of various stator shells and components per year.

Over the past 30 years, research and development has always been the priority of our company. We are one of the leading manufacturers in the same domestic industry in China, and the quality of our products has reached the world advanced levels. Jingang has already passed such quality certifications as ISO9002、QS9000、VDA6.1、TS16949、ISO14001, and our products are highly praised by our customers.

Jingang has been awarded by government as “Star Enterprise of Zhenjiang City” and “High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”. Our company will always concentrate on technical improvement, high-quality standard and providing good service for our customers

Company’s History




On April 2 1992

  • The company was established to start producing the magnet materials. 

In 2000

  • The company launched the production and sales of the motor shells and stators for household appliances. 

In 2003

  • The company was changed to shareholding ownership. 

In 2003

  • In 2003, the company became the first one in China to have the new independently developed product JM10 in mass-production.

In 2008

  • The company production lines were upgraded to automation operation.

In 2015

  • The new indepentdently developed JM11 was introduced to mass production.

In 2019

  • The company was awarded to be National High-tech Enterprise again. 

Our Advantages



1. Full process production

●    The company owns the full industrial chain that covers from the processing iron oxide red to the finished products


2. Material R & D

●    The company self-developed magnet materials performances have been in the lead of the domestic industry.

            1). 2003, the company was the first to make FB9B material in mass production in China.

            2). 2011, the development of JM11 material was completed and its performance reached the advanced level in the world.


3. Product Extension Service 

●    The company has 5 advanced stator production lines in which the stators are assembled automatically and traceable through the sole bar code.


                                                  4. Multi-pole Ring Magnet

●    In 2014, we started to develop the magnet ring for home appliance such as dishwasher for BSH, refrigerator compressor, air condition fan motor….


Magnetic Properties


Technological Process


Production Equipment


Inspection Devices


Quality Certification


Jingang is always making efforts to improve the quality of our products to meet our customers’ needs. We establish the quality system according to international standard. We got 1S09002 certificate in 1998, QS9000 and VDA6.1 certificate in 2002, TS16949 in 2009, 1S014001 in 2016 and new version of 1ATF16949 in 2018.

Jingang is devoted to serving the industry of DC motor.

manufacturers all over the world Now our product is being widely distributed to different parts of the world We have been established long-term cooperation relationship with many world-famous corporations.

With wider market coming up and more customers’ order.

our company is enlarging production scale and getting innovation in new product in terms of customers’ requirement.