Electric Motor Stator

Our design facilities help us to respond quickly and effectively to the complex customer requirements. With advance technology and flexible manufacturing system we can complete any project in shortest development time.


  • Strong and tensile
  • Robust construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent shape and size
  • Cost efficient

We are specialized in Auto electric Motor Housings for –

*Starter Motors                          * ABS Motors      

*Wiper Motors                           *Window Motors

*Blower Fan Motors                  *Radiator Cooling Fan Motors

*Shift Actuator Motors             *Electronic Power Steering Motors




Electric Motor Housing

Electric Motor Stator ,Nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience. Have a deep understanding and cognition of XX. Sound production, processing and testing technology.
Our advantage:
First, a competitive price
Secondly, the delivery time is fast
Again, the quality is guaranteed

Cert with TS16949

Electric Motor Stator


We have a deep understanding of Motor stator, both in terms of quality and assembly.
We have a lot of rich experience in its assembly and complete design of experimental equipment

Firstly ,the advance motor stator system and a flexible manufacturing system allows the company to arrive not only at product feasibility, but also in tooling development, material planning and machine loading in optimal time.

Sunroof motor housing

Application Field

Produced according to customer drawings

Food waste disposer motor housing

Window lift motor housing

Windshield wiper motor housing

Power window regulator motor housing

Brushless DC gearmotor housing

BLDC motor housing

Stepper motor housing

Brushless DC electric motor housing

Cars starter motor casing

Van starter motor housing

Starter motor housing

Motor housing for treadmill



(1)With over 29 years of experience in producing Ferrite Magnet.

(2) From raw material of iron oxide and srontium carbonate to the finished products, superior production techniques enable us to control all the details and ensure high quality. We have 36 milling machine, 112 presses, 6 electric kilns, and 32 mills to ensure on-time delivery.

(3)Jingang has already passed such quality certifications as ISO9002、QS9000、VDA6.1、TS16949、ISO14001.