On May 19th, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province was held in Nanjing. Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, National Model Worker, Deputy Director of the Central Economic Committee of the National Revolution, Chairman of the Central Entrepreneurs Association of the National Revolution, Chairman of our Association, Chairman of Suning Global Group Zhang Guiping, 26 provincial military-level veterans, 118 in Ningxia Old Anhui leaders, leaders of competent units, representatives of fraternal chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs of chambers of commerce, etc. participated in the event and participated in the grand event. 10th Anniversary Celebration

The main leaders of the chamber of commerce attending the event are: Jiang Baoquan, rotating chairman of the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province, chairman of the board of directors of the Gold Foil Holding Group, Sun Weimin, vice chairman of Suning.com, Zhu Yicai, chairman of Yurun Holding Group, and Ai Xueping the chairman of Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Element, Zhao Ming, Chairman of Suzhou Hongli Group, Guo Chunlei, Chairman of Jiangsu Dalonghui Biotechnology Company, Jiang Zhenhua, Chairman of Jiangsu Zhongdi Construction Group, Yu Jintao, General Manager of Yangzhou Pile Foundation, etc.

Over the past ten years, the Anhui Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province has been innovative and enterprising, and has achieved fruitful development achievements. It has been awarded the title of 5A Chamber of Commerce and Jiangsu Province Demonstrative Social Organization.

At the meeting, twelve Hui merchants who made outstanding contributions to the Chamber of Commerce were commended. Among them, Changjiang Baoquan, Sun Weimin, Zhu Yicai, Ji Changqun, Liang Jinhui, Ai Xueping, Zhao Ming, Yu Jintao, Executive Vice President Ding Xuechang and Yang Mingjun won Jiangsu Huizhou Meritorious Meritorious Award

10th Anniversary Celebration

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